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Information for HUD Tenants

Texas has lost thousands of affordable apartments as owners convert HUD-assisted housing to market-rate rents. Some properties were preserved and improved through HUD’s “Mark-to-Market” program, some through Texas’ Housing Preservation Program, and others simply through determined tenant groups winning cooperation from HUD and/or owners.

From 1985 to 2017, TTU had a focus on organizing tenants in at-risk HUD-assisted housing. Below are links that may be useful to HUD tenants.

Tenants in HUD-assisted housing have a right to organize and extensive federal regulations protecting that right.

Other useful information/organizations on HUD housing issues:
National Alliance of HUD Tenants
National Housing Law Project
National Housing Trust
Housing Preservation Project
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
National Low Income Housing Coalition
Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs’ Preservation Program
Southwest Housing Compliance Corporation (The Contract Administrator for many Section 8 properties in Texas)                                                                                                        Resident Rights and Responsibilities in HUD-Assisted Housing

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